Hello from the Editors

Welcome writers, aspiring and established.

From the dawn of time, people have told stories to express feelings, explain natural phenomena, teach lessons, create histories, impart morals, entertain, and bond as a community. Thousands of years later, we still rely on the art of storytelling to do this. No matter where we come from. No matter what our beliefs are. One thing this world shares is stories.

We all have stories to tell, whether it's within the confines of our home or on an international scale. Those of us who pursue publication know the importance of crafting a narrative that can delight, enrich, provoke, and inspire readers. It is hard work. But rewarding too. And not a task to undertake alone.

That's where we come in. Editors ready to serve you and your manuscript. To take your passion project and help it soar.

We are sisters with a shared love of reading and writing. We have always been fiercely supportive of each other's creative endeavours. It is that value of collaboration and constructive critique that we strive to emulate here as editors.

Give us your most fantastical fantasies. Give us your most horrific horrors. Give us your most scientific science fiction. Give us your most wind-swept historical romance. We live off a healthy diet of words.

We are excited to join you on your writing journey. We hope you'll be happy to have us along. 

Feel free to explore our site and decide for yourself if you think we're a match. We look forward to hearing from you.

Don't be afraid to tell the story in your heart.

Faith & Chelsea