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A Canadian storyteller by trade, she has published two urban fantasy novels under the alias Faith Rivens. As a writer, she recognizes the importance of chiseling through the excess narrative to find the diamond at its heart. Over the last two years, she has beta read and critiqued for fellow writers. With a B.A. in History and Education, she has developed many skills such as reading with a critical eye, researching, and being clear and concise in her work. 

Her reading habits are voracious. She devours fantasies, be they urban or epic or anywhere in between, as well as mysteries, historical fictions, thrillers, and even horror (thanks, Chelsea!). Choosing a favourite book or author would be akin to choosing a favourite child, but at the moment she is enamoured with VE Schwab, Neil Gaiman, Jay Kristoff, and Susanna Kearsley. Her annual rereads are forever Jane Eyre, The Westing Game and the entire Harry Potter series! And she's always on the lookout for new characters to fall in love with, new worlds to be swept away to, and new narratives with resonating themes. 


Chelsea russo

Chelsea is a writer and filmmaker based in Canada. Graduated from McGill with a BA in English, she is in an ongoing love affair with the art of storytelling. Over the course of her studies and personal writing experience she has developed a critical eye and an ability to recognize and foster untapped potential in the stories she reads. While at university, she interned at Muse Entertainment, a local film production company, in the development department where she read scripts and wrote coverage for executives.  Her latest screenplay was circulated to a network of producers, agents, and mangers. She has had the pleasure of being Faith's editor for the past three years and is eager to create partnerships with new writers.

Chelsea has an appetite for historical fiction, fantasy, horror, science fiction, crime, and romance. On her downtime, you'll find her re-reading Austen, trying to rationalize the brilliance of Stoker's Dracula, catching up on Stephen King's oeuvre, playing with her cats, or watching anything from Night of the Living Dead to Howl's Moving Castle (spoiler: the book is better).